Four Snow Bunting were reported from Godrevy at the end of October 2016, which I needed for my patch year list. On 20th I finally broke and made time for a trip to Godrevy. After a short time I managed to find the very showy Snow Buntings and settled down to get some photos. After nailing two of the four I stood up only to see a large pale Wheatear fly a short distance to the ridge at the highest point on the Headland. At this point I said to visiting birder Roger Treeby, who was stood by me, “Christ look at that thing, it’s got to be an Issy!” I then fired of a few shots on my camera and watched as the bird disappeared over the cliff edge. A look at the back of the camera concluded it was indeed an Isabelline Wheatear! I went off in pursuit but could not relocate the bird anywhere! After a few more minutes of searching I phoned Brad and Mark, Birdnet, Steve Rogers and Dave Parker, the county recorder. Unfortunatley I then had to leave, just hoping birders would get here and it would be refound! Thank God for my camera. This is the exact reason I carry it. Not for getting amazing photos but as proof I’d seen the bird in the first place! Believe it or not, there are some doubting Thomas’s down here! I tweeted back of the camera shots on to the web, and everyone agreed that it was an Isabelline Wheatear. Shortly after I recieved a text from Dave confirming the bird was still present. Phew! By the afternoon most Cornwall birders had connected with it and the rest, as they say, is history. This is only the 2nd record of Isabelline Wheatear for Cornwall! The last was on The Lizard in 1996 and was only seen by a few visiting birders.