Yep, as I have recently explained to a friend, I have done a few different blogs but unfortunately (I put it down to age) I keep forgetting the passwords to update them. So I’ve written this one down somewhere safe. (I think)

I do remember my last Blog was entitled ‘Ornitholosism….It’s a Religion!’. So, Welcome to Ornitholisism II. I should be able to remember the title at least. Once again this will just be a mixture of Birding, Ringing and Patchwork challenge stuff with a few of my better photos thrown in. Most opinions shown on here will be my own, if they aren’t then I’ll let you know. If you don’t agree with anything on here, then look elsewhere. I’m too old for politics and whilst everyone is entitled to an opinion, I don’t have to agree with it as you don’t with mine. Hopefully you will just enjoy the photos and comments.

So lets get this blogging party started………….(cheesy!)